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Release = New Main Map!

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. dude, that trap is amazing! did you invent it?
  2. nope i didnt i just improved upon ethoslab design and yeah out came that design... i would post more vids but i have school i have to get done, also i tried recording some tf2 but for some weird reason it just recorded the desktop...
  3. ha, try pressing alt on the tf2 tab when you start recording
  4. Nice video! I'll like and add you as a friend when it works...

  5. its apples fault
  6. Stay on topic...
  7. good point!:

    I realy want the nether in the new map, and I know you have plans to disable it, I think ill start a petition..
  8. I think we could use that "denied by Pythros" sign now...
  9. what versoin will we need to be to move our stuff across beaucase i down graded the 1.8 laptop and i though i saved 1.8 but the zip messed up so its not 1.0.0 (why did noch not just call it 2.0?)
  10. Huh?

    To get on the server NOW, you need 1.8. To get on it after we go to the new map, you will need 1.0. After that, you won't need any new version until a new release comes out.
  11. Because Minecraft was in beta. That it is why it is called RELEASE 1.0.

    Mcon speaks the truth. Beta 1.8 as of now until CraftBukkit has released a recommended build. Don't ask for an ETA because the only say "ASAP. When it gets done."
  12. Hey, Pythros....


    What's the ETA?
  13. /trout Mcon
  14. Estimated Time of Arrival.
  15. Lol, I know that, Auhjos. I was saying it simply because Pythros said not to ask for the ETA.

    If I have to explain it, it isn't funny.
  16. Oh... When I read your post I missed "the"...

    I fail so hard...
  17. dont be so hard on yourself :D
  18. Will there be a subway on the new map?
  19. Maybe eventually, AFAIK.

    I'm lobbying for it, though.
  20. There will be one and it will be fancy too!