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Discussion in 'General' started by darkdemon987, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hey there guys, ive been off a while and jumping on the forums a lot, and ive noticed a lot of guests are on most times, and not many on the server, just letting people know that ill be on as much as possible now and if anyone wanted to jump on and say hi ill be floating around :p I would really like this server to be revitalised into its glory days, but for that, WE NEED YOU! :)

    Also, if anyone wanted to ask a question about the server feel free to inbox me on here or login when im on and ask away ^_^
    darkdemon987, Aug 10, 2014
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  2. also, very shortly I shall be starting to focus on creating a new Aristide (Town) if anyone would like to join and get involved I would greatly appreciate the company :p haha

  3. I've also started creating a town! Although, i've really only been working on getting my house and land settled so i can be more productive with the build. It's called Loreia. Message me on here or in game if you would like to join :D

    P.S. Darkdemon is cool too though.. Didn't mean to steal his thunder :p
    Eraisuithon134, Aug 10, 2014
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  4. xD lightning theif!! haha all good ^_^ and ill have to come visit when were on together :p
  5. Perfect. We'll party :playful: