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Server Grammar and Etiquette

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by ToaseMan, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I have just bough a grate big castle of king of the dirt (shnaffle (Dragonite)) and i dont know what to do with it. i have some ideas
    1) make a big house in it and sell it for a load
    2) rib it down and keep the stuff
    3) make a load of houses in it and move close to my town
    4) make it into a massive farm and sell loads of weet

    and other ideas plz sugest
  2. Re: NOTHING

    Buy some dirt for me, and stop selling your own. :)

    Please, add some grammar.

    I would suggest making all the wheat, then selling it to undercut current prices. You could make a killing. But whatever you do, quit selling dirt.
  3. Re: NOTHING

    I pick option 4
  4. Re: NOTHING

    just buy ALL my dirt off me link you normaly do
  5. Re: NOTHING

    May I just add THIS is NOT the Harlech castle, just in case anyone was wondering.

    But Id make it a farm and possible extension to balne with a few more plots if I was you.
  6. Re: NOTHING

    *wheh*, you had me worried for a few days.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Re: NOTHING

    happy thanksgiving even tho i dont ceabrate it

    and harlch is my next objective...
  8. Re: NOTHING

    I really dont like the way that quote seems to be going..... May have to go improve my defenses :3

    Oh And thankyou Mel for telling me what thanks giving is! Yes I didnt know but I had heard of it atleast :p Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Re: NOTHING

    my mistry of defence will be defeeted by the faet that the guns are from ww2 and halch is sorrounded by water and the only transport my mistry of defence have is van (and there feet)
  10. Re: NOTHING

    Okay, please, I beg of you: LEARN TO SPELL!
  11. Re: NOTHING

    lolol :lol:
  12. Re: NOTHING

    gawd toaes yur sow bad et teh gremmer i'ts makin me seck.
  13. Re: NOTHING

    Bah. Don't stoop to his level, uku!
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    hey sorry i have a problem with my spelling. i am luring how to spell some word. and i fin my gramer ok for the area where i am. i sometimes make it a bit out if i dont know how to spell the word i am wanting to wright i will us another word. and i may sometimes put the wrong word down its sounds the same but it may not make any sence
  15. Re: NOTHING


    Buy a dictionary, It will help you so much.
  16. Re: NOTHING

    I hate to say it, but I find it hard to believe that you don't yet know how to spell words such as,
    "sense" (although I can understand this, if you are not yet in high school)

    This is just what I found wrong in the post below. Just saying.
    A suggestion which might help you even more is to download and use Mozilla Firefox. This internet browser is great, and comes with a spell checker, similar to the one used by Microsoft Word. I use it myself, and that helps when I am writing things which I don't know how to completely spell. For example, I just tried to spell writing "writting", which would have been wrong, and made me look like a fool after all this bluster. However, Firefox caught it, and saved me the grief.

    Yes, you too can be changed by the power of Mozilla Firefox!

    When you say that you don't have many grammar mistakes, just remember all those places where the Comma's should go, as well as those stupid "i"'s you leave around.

    But there has already been some improvement, so all is not lost.
  17. Re: NOTHING

    yer i think my dads laptop has that because you get the red line under the words

    and i am terrble at speeling but i can sometimes mess up more on the laptop when i hit the wrong keys and dont see it and i am in highschool and i got to colage every thirsday (yes i dont know how to speel the days of the week)
  18. Re: NOTHING

    (or how to spell spell.)
  19. Re: NOTHING

    Mcon you have a point, I think learning to spell will help you a great deal Toase my good friend, but on the flip side, this is a gaming forum, based around minecraft, a game, so spelling and grammar arent so important, if pythros makes another forum soullly for writing haikus on cheshire cats.. then maybe spelling is more important. sp

    as long as nobody here is representing ofsted i'm sure they wont judge people for their knowledge of english.
  20. Re: NOTHING

    I would like to point out that a rule for the forum is to....

    -Attempt to adhere to the grammar and spelling conventions of the English language.