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Server Grammar and Etiquette

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by ToaseMan, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I never said any names >.>
  2. Well, Ever still seemed to have claimed credit for that....
  3. Where?

    The name of this thread changed, I said:

    As I didn't know who changed it I left the pro noun at 'you' as either you, Everdras or Pythros will claim to this fact in due time.

    How could Everdras claim for this when the only other post was:

  4. Re: NOTHING

    Perhaps you missed this part? It is then explained as meaning, "Fixed that for you."

    So, tell me, does that not sound at least a little like claiming credit?

    Lol, this is getting nasty. It's a credit war!
  5. Oh. I just re read some posts and it does seem Everdras is claiming credit...

    Mcon wins. Auhjos has failed...
  6. stop right there!

    he said FTFY meaning fixed that for you

    not IFTFY meaning I fixed that for you

    Nor HFTFY meaning HE fixed that for you

    or even MFTFY meaning mcon fixed that for you

    so we need to ask everdras what he implied by this now notourious quote, 'FTFY'

    (but I have my suspicions^^)
  7. I changed it..
  8. GILI!!!!
  9. We are NOT fighting over who changed it. After all, we all know it was ME!
  10. No it wasn't :p
  11. Ok I just checked the logs, turns out you were correct.
  12. You're right, I did it. Finally.
  13. Ah, glad you cleared that up.
  14. Well it was mainly you, thanks, it takes a lot to admit that you're wrong.
  15. wow, maybe a liiiil offtopic?
  16. Gili's fault. He seems to enjoy having editing wars. That's the thing about all these head mods, and all. We seem to be an editorial bunch.

    Anyways, give me some more statements! I will comprehensively correct you!
  17. Didn't you edit me first?
  18. You were asking for it.

    (actually, I thought you edited ME first...now I'm confused.)
  19. I honestly thought my editing was retaliation :p