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Server useage

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by auhjos, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Unfortunately I have run into some schooling issues and thus will only be on the server on the weekend and possibly Friday. I am trying to fix this problem but for now I'm stuck like this :p
    I will try and stay active on the forums and will see you all soon!
  2. Someone got grounded? ;)
  3. o_O

    Come back soon, Auhjos! Don't stay away from us!
  4. I bet it was parents. >.> they can be so annoying sometimes.
  5. To sum up:

    I failed a French test and an English essay so now I have a French tutor and a three hour essay to re write so I gave myself a new weekly timetable to mange my work so I don't fail any more at school (so far it worked as I ended up with a poem in the schools book of excellence) but I've noted that my gaming time has been cut back considerably and thus the weekends are now the only time that's free. I may come on during the week (esspesialy Friday) if I don't get much H/W ;) ...and yes gili most of this was from my parents so 10 points!!!
  6. Wooo! 10 points. Well i hope it's all over soon, and you catch up with work and all that :p
  7. I've caught up with all of my work now and should be on once or twice during the week. No more school screw ups from now on ;)
  8. Hey guys. To put it simply, I was a complete idiot here. I was the one who had the incident with Exiled gaming I've decided to take a long break from video games... all of them. To explain how serious this is, please note that I was demoted. I'm not going into to many details here but revenge is not sweet at all. I've got exams soon so this is a good time to leave but I may not be on for a VERY long time. I've let the whole ChiRho community down and I am so very sorry. This may be my last post here ever so take my word for it. I will be back eventually but for now, goodbye and happy minecrafting.

    (No this is not a rage quit but more of a rethink. And Super, the competition is canceled. Sorry)
  9. Well i hope to see you back. Everyone makes mistakes. Although if you want i'd be happy to 'take care of' your items :p
  10. ....... I have nothing to say.... I'm speechless :(. Have fun auhjos :(.
  11. Good bye Auhjos, And good luck in the future. You will be missed.
  12. looks like somone else will have to go for that first to 1000 post achievement then :lol:

    your efforts cannot - and will not - be forgotten
  13. I'm sorry to see you go Auhjos... Thanks for all the fun times.... :(
  14. tho we have had our disagreements i cant forget those good times goodbye for now
  15. I'm back...
    Here's a screen shot of what I did so people know partly why I left:

    Make of it what you will

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