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Solve these riddles!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by guy3, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Not that I know of... You could always try, of course.
  2. 72/0=3.14..........

    it's not true because it is undefined but it is a possibility to be true...
  3. Try that one on a calculator. 72 divided by zero is not possible. And it certainly isn't pie.

    Or cake.
  4. And that, sir, is why it is UNDEFINED!
  5. Well, we know it itsn't true. That makes it false. Do you just want me to tell you the answer?
  6. fine....

    i still think it is "this statement is.......false!"
    cuz if it's true then it is false
    if it's false that means it's true.....
  7. is it

    'please answer this question with only yes and no,
    will you answer this question with a no?'

    also, speed of light is passable, but nearly impossible.
    the same as 0 degrees Kelvin
  8. nothing is faster than light

    Nothing being empty space =-D
  9. The correct answer is, "you will boil me in burning oil. If they do that, then the statement is true. But if it's true, then they must cut him. If they cut him, the statement is false, and they must burn him.

    So, if you read the reasons I had above about the "this statement is false" thing, it was close, but not quite it.

    Who's next?
  10. This statement is false is close enough
    I would have accepted it.
  11. i am small, i am green, i am round, i am an apple, what am i?
  12. Nice one, I know a different variation of this but it was very different so I got confused :?

    A small green round apple^^
  13. no, he is a pear
    even though that interferes with my logic
    How can a person be a pear?
  14. He's no pear, he's an apple, idiot.
  15. No you didn't...

    Anyways! What at morning has four legs, at noon has two legs and at evening has three legs?
  16. A human being.
  17. A human doing what?
  18. Crawling
    and an old person with a cane