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Solve these riddles!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by guy3, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Oh!

    I wasn't reading properly...

    Fail :oops:
  2. Auhjos is conductor on the fail train...Choo Choo.
  3. Okay, a really hard riddle:

    At the hardware store, there is a paper. The paper lists price for items. The last thing on the list is this:

    1 $.39
    16 $.78
    124 $1.17

    All three are the same item. What is for sale?
    (hint: If you wanted to buy it, you would definitely know to go to the hardware store to get it. Think something the Home Depot or Lowes would carry.)
  4. What? NO!

    Not unless you were going to buy sawdust...
    but still no.
  5. Nope.

    Believe me, when you get this, you will slap yourself for not seeing it. I think it's hilarious!

    Why don't you check for patterns in the numbers? See if you can see anything interesting...
  6. I will never let anyone know what the pattern is...
    unless they solve this EXPRESSION. :ugeek: :geek: :ugeek:

    [([N+2-5]*2+6)/3+ .13]*3+(-2)

    My math teacher would be so proud!
  7. [([N+2-5]*2+6)/3+ .13]*3+(-2)

    8N -24
    8N/3 - 7.87
    8N - 21.63
    8N - 23.63 = 0

    How did I do?
  8. What??

    I just realized that the problem is unsolvable.... :oops:

    this is solveable :|

    [([1+2-5]*2+6)/3+ .13]*3+(-2)
  9. .39
  10. Exactly
    the pattern is you add .39 :!:
  11. Yup, that's right. Now, what does that mean for the riddle? Can you tell me?
  12. No i can't tell you

    because i don't know... :cry:
  13. nails
    inches of carpet

  14. Nope. If you give up, I might tell you.
  15. Are you sure?


    Lol, the answer is........


    House numbers. If you wanted to buy the number 1, you would pay $.39. To buy the numbers 16, you would pay $.78. And if you wanted to buy the number 124, you would pay $1.17. Each number you buy is $.39!

    Dang it, I can't remember the one I wanted to do. I'll have to post it later.
  16. This is more of a joke than a riddle but who cares?

    Where is the best place to raise a child?