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Solve these riddles!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by guy3, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Yup. There you go.

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  2. This is a most unusual paragraph. How quickly can you find out what is so unusual about it? It looks so ordinary you'd think nothing was wrong with it - and in fact, nothing is wrong with it. It is unusual though. Why? Study it, think about it, and you may find out. Try to do it without coaching. If you work at it for a bit it will dawn on you. So jump to it and try your skill at figuring it out. Good luck - don't blow your cool!
  3. There is no letter E.
  4. Well done
  5. Yeah, I heard of an entire short story once that didn't use one of the vowels, not sure if it was E or I...

    Speaking of I, I'm out of riddles. Except for one, which, if you knew most of my others, you would probably know:

    The man is afraid to go home, because he knows that the man in the mask is waiting for him. What is the situation?

    (i forget, but this might be another of those "ask yes or no questions", I can't remember anymore)
  6. It's during a game of baseball. The man is wearing a catcher's mask, and is standing at home plate.
  7. Okay, then you give me one. :p
  8. Here's an easy one!

    What is it the more you take away the larger it becomes?
  9. The more dirt you take away from a hole, the larger it gets?
  10. Yup.

    Your turn.

    By the way do you live in Britain :?:
  11. No, I don't live in britain. Why would I? I live in Antarctica.

    Old math riddle: You are in a room with no windows or doors. Everything is made of concrete. All four walls, the floor, and the ceiling. The only thing inside with you are a saw and a wooden table. How do you get out?
  12. use the saw to cut the table in half. Two halves make a hole. Jump through the hole and scream till your throat is horse, then jump on the horse and ride away...
  13. One day, a king decided he needed to go shopping. He wanted to do it inconspicuously, though, so that no one would know it was him. He went to great lengths to have a costume made up, so that he would look like a peasant. Finally, he was ready. He rode into the town on Friday. He did his shopping, but found the town so amazing, that he just had to stay for another day. The second day he stayed in the town, he noticed how nice many of the villagers were to him, even though they didn't know he was the king. He was having so much fun talking to them, that he decided to stay in the town one more day. On the third day, he spent most of his time helping a shopkeeper run his business. It was hard work, and by the end of the day, the king was tired. He wanted to stay another day and continue to see what life was really like in the town. Unfortunately, he knew that he had other kingly duties to attend to. He just couldn't stand to up and leave everything without letting anyone know he was going, though. So, he spent the remaining hours of the day going around the town telling everyone whom he had met that he would be leaving on the next day, early in the morning.

    And so it was that the king left town on Friday.

    How is this possible?
  14. Friday was the name of his horse
  15. You next....I am really running out of riddles. Oh, wait, here's a short and easy one.

    What do you put in a toaster?
  16. I dont know about you, but Milk.
  17. bread

    What do cows drink?
  18. Depends on the cow, my cow, bess, drinks knives.
  19. As is "Knives", or knives? Lol

    a cow drinks toast. I mean, water.
  20. :lol: