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Solve these riddles!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by guy3, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. i haz 5mArticl3z :)
  2. No, you has no sense of grammar.
  3. Its true, my spelling and grammar is horrific and yet I got an A* in a mock GCSE science...
  4. you do realise there are no QWC marks in GCSE science?
  5. Yer...

    Anyway, here's a riddle.

    You are walking through a field, and you find something to eat. It doesn't have bones, and it doesn't have meat. You pick it up and put it into your pocket. You take it home and put it on a shelf, but 3 day's later it walks away. What is it?
  6. 09jnew will get this.

    In a world where a rhino is a domesticated house hold pet...

    Who wins World War 2 and why?
  7. Not the Germans, because they had Leopards and Tigers?
  8. Correct so far...
    But i need more
  9. That was just off the top of my head. I've never heard of anything else like that...
  10. The allies because we had the best navy and therefore the best transport for trained rhinos?
  11. No.

    Here's a clue: Where are Rhinos naturally found?
  12. Okay, would they have been used instead of elephants when Hannibal invaded, thus changing history?
  13. Rhinos were far more common... don't see how that changes things...
  14. Mcon, Interesting point but no.
    Gili, good point of view but again no.
    You guys are probably going to hate me when I give the answer but I want to soak up the glory :D

    09jnewington WILL know the answer so ask him if you want
  15. 1 day down, still undefeated :cool:
  16. Bah, no one cares about that riddle. It sounds stupid anyways. :)
  17. The solution to the riddle is very far out but supercomputers say that the answer is actually what may have happened.

    09jnewington, you can solve the riddle now.
  18. Got the answer!
    Aliens will escape their enprisionment at area 52 and continually breed their rhino army in secret but after the Atlantians catch them the release the rhinos and the Anceint Greeks come on dragons and declare the war over. THey won because dragons are the most awesomest creature ever!
    A super computer couldn't figure that out.
    I could cuz i was there :p

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