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Solve these riddles!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by guy3, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Ooh, just made me think of one (heard it the other day, along with the last one you gave)

    A clever thief, talented in many things, was finally caught after ten years of causing mischief. He was brought before the king of that realm, and told that he was to die. However, he was also told that he would be able to choose what method he would die by. What did the clever thief tell the king?
  2. Let me live to death!

    And XDmaster66, your right :cry:
  3. awww don't cry
  4. *sniff* *sniff*
    I just... just... fell *sniff* so sorry for the poor boy :cry:
  5. No, that's not what he said. He has to choose a method of death. Which one did he choose?
  6. Old age is what I meant...

    If this isn't it I'm stumped
  7. Living to death isn't correct. But yes, death of old age is.

    Okay, Two men learned of this very wise man. He was so wise, it was said that he could give an answer to any question, solve any riddle, and complete complex mathematics without a calculator. One day, these two doubters (they were a little crazy) kidnapped the man to see if he was really that smart. They tied him up and told him, "You will tell us a statement that is neither true nor false. If you give us that, we will let you go. But if you give us a statement that is true, we will cut you open from nose to navel. And if you give us a statement that is false, we will boil you in burning oil!"

    What did the man say to get out of there alive?
  8. I've got two answers:

    1. I will leave unharmed.
    2. The speed of light is definite and cannot be crossed.
  9. Pie is the best think in the whole world...
    That's an opinion
    so it is not right or wrong
  10. If you said minecraft then it would be true...
  11. Well, let's see...

    If saying that you will leave unharmed is true, they will have to cut him from nose to navel. If it was false that he would leave there unharmed, then they would have to boil him in burning oil.

    The speed of light IS definite and cannot be crossed, at least not in this dimension (refer to any science fiction I have ever heard of, all use some other dimension to travel faster-than-light). Therefore, the statement is true, and he gets cut from nose to navel.

    Pie is the best thing in the world...Well, if that were to be true, and it were the best thing in the world, then they would have to cut him. If it wasn't the best thing in the world, they would have to boil him.

    An opinion can be wrong, of course. It can also be right. I might have an opinion of you being one of the ugliest people in the world, and so far, I haven't seen anything to contradict my opinion, making it true.

    Perhaps it would help if I told you this: Think of things that are both true AND false. Look for paradoxes. Something that would be true, but if it were true, would be false, but if it were false, would be true. Rinse and repeat.
  12. It's a paradox, it starts off true, but the moment they touch him, its false so the don't but then it's true...

    It isn't, the speed of light is approximately 10^12 km/h in every direction and at every moment so from our point of view, it's both relative, and it's not. Super man fly's at 29km/h behind a car traveling at 30km/h. The car speeds away at 1km/h. Superman now fly's behind a beam of light at 10^11. The beam SHOULD speed away at 9x10^11 but instead it will fly away at 10^12 km/h...

    Books are wonderful things...
  13. But if "I will walk away unharmed" is false, then they will boil him. And that means, he won't walk away unharmed. Which still makes it false. If you take that as true, they would have to cut him. Which would make it false. Which would mean they would need to boil him in oil, making his statement false, which results in his boiling in oil. So, no answer.

    Talk about your leaps in logic...

    Anyways, back to the speed of light thing:

    You still can't go faster than the speed of light. The speed of light IS definite (meaning that the speed itself never changes), and as far as I have heard, there is still no one who has gone faster than the speed of light.

    Now, to your last part:
    Just because it seems like it is going slower, doesn't mean it is. Light travels the same speed, it just looks like it is slower/faster because of the relative movement of yourself. Or Superman. Your first exapmle (car and Superman) has nothing to do with light. Just relativity. And the car doesn't speed away at 1 km/h (you stupid British, why can't you use normal measurements, like miles?), it just moves 1 km/h faster than Superman. Therefore, the car only GAINS GROUND on Superman by 1 km/h. The car is still traveling 30 km/h.

    I admit that I don't have enough technical expertise (or enough books) to be able to debate this last point (where Superman travels at slightly below the speed of light). I still stand by my point that relative speed is still speed, nonetheless.
  14. For your first point I agree

    Now for 101 quantum physics: The speed itself is definite only when it's traveling trough a vacuum and the observer is still but nothing can ever be 100% not moving on a universal scale so the speed of light varies! The superman car thing was to show normal vs. light. So if the car was light it would speed away (or gain ground) at 30km/h, not the normal 1. And because light bends time, this dilemma is solved but that only works again if it's traveling trough a vacuum and the observer is still.
    Conclusion: The speed of light varies between speed and position of observer. I win :)

    Ant btw, Britain works in miles, I just like Km ^^
  15. Fine, I'll revise it. Stupid Auhjos.

    Now that you say it, I do think I remember something in physics about that kind of thing. But still, it is only relatively a different speed. The speed of light stays the same, however, your perception of it changes.

    Regardless, that isn't the correct answer.
  16. Stop fighting
    I have the answer
    This statement is... false!
    New mission:deny the mission
  17. No, not quite. Almost, but not quite. When you say that the statement is false, they would interpret that as a true statement. As in, it's true that my statement is false, therefore, they cut him.
  18. With my superman example, light is traveling at 10^23 km/h so light changes at a 'relative' speed so I'm correct...

    Portal 2 reference :D

    Any way... Mcon, if that doesn't please you then I'll carry on thinking...
  19. Bah. I so want Portal 2...Portal was good, but I hear Portal 2 is great!
  20. That's what i was going for.
    Anyway Mcon does it have to do with dividing by 0??