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Something for the towns.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ukuleleawesome, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Okay so heres a rule we can add to the town requirements.
    If a person buys a house or a lot and doesn't do anything for a certain amount of days (meaning they left the town without telling the mayor, or simply not come on anymore) that the mayor can take their empty chests/built lots and destroy them and their items. This way towns don't become so abandoned with empty houses.
  2. I remember one time I bought a plot in Diamond City from the Mayor Fived. I kept asking him for permission to build and he kept saying he would get right on it. Well after a week and no response I went to go build my house because I assumed I would have permission by now. When I got there Fived had already sold the plot again to another person and said that I failed to come build on it. In the end he ended up scamming 600 talents from me. Maybe we should have it so that if you are a mayor and you are going to remove somebody's house/plot that you give back their materials and a a small(not whole) refund.
  3. I agree because in cliffside there are tens of homes which are abandoned. I checked out a few and some still had redstone wiring active. I do think that any items found should be kept in a chest in a 'lost and found' like fashion.
  4. I'll come up with a global regulation for this.
  5. Here's another idea. I've thought that people might make a house only a couple blocks from a town. Could we get a protected "buffer zone" so people can't do this?
  6. I strongly support this as it stops the towns from expanding which happened to whiteoak. Effectivly killing the town as then no new customers could come in.
  7. I disagree with this, for although a house may be abbandoned, it can still be a work of art of the towns and make the town 'feel' bigger and without these houses, let's face it, all towns would have a maximum of three members, and that's just a little weird, unless you say for example, max of 5 towns on the server at once, or a tax to disencourage towns.

    So in short, this super injunction would kill the town spirit of this server.
  8. I agree with 09jnewington for this but maybe we could 'rent' the abandoned houses until their owners return.
  9. How about this?
    Let's say that if someone is going to be inactive for 2 weeks or more they have to put a sign on their structure in the town saying the return date and why they are gone. If they don't, then after the 2 weeks is up the owner of the town has the option to tear it down and resell the plot or keep it up. That way if the structure is appealing and they want to keep it for aesthetic purposes then they can. Otherwise it is taking up space for other people to build. Just an idea
  10. We'll this would mean a lot more houses would be scattered around not only towns but the server, leaving not much room for building. Plus sometimes people won't take their entire house if they tear it down, leaving a ugly structure. I'm saying this so things wont get cluttered.
  11. how would taking down houses create more houses? after 2 weeks the mayor takes it ALL the way down or not at all.
  12. And how exactly would someone who gets, say, grounded for 2 or more weeks go about getting on to notify the mayor?
  13. It depends on what your punishment would be? Hopefully you know someone on the server in real life and you could have them notify the mayor. If not then try not to get grounded? :D. Then again this is just and idea and obviously has flaws...
  14. I really like that idea (Erais idea). I think that could be a general sort of guideline that towns are recommended to follow but allowed to adapt based on what the mayor wants. For example, I'm adding a rule in Aldea that if you are inactive/not on the server for 3 weeks then we have a right to take down your house and keep the materials and only give a (not sure yet but I think 60%) refund on the plot. (of course if we like the plot or it looks nice and I want to keep it for aesthetic purposes I can do that. I also have a right to sell your house to someone else.) Then for unfinished structures (you started building a house then go offline leaving a half finished house) it will be taken down after a week, but you get to keep the plot and materials (unless u stay offline for 2 more weeks making a total of 3 weeks then I take your stuff and give you refund.) Thoughts?

  15. I think my point was misinturpreted, I am on about houses that are outside of a town right next to the protection THAT ARE NOT THE MAYORS TOWN PROPERTY. This is a real pain which is what stopped whiteoak from expanding. Theres litterally then nowhere to go as you have new protections all the way around the town and you simply cannot then expand. If there was a rule like you cant build near a town if your structure can be seen from the renderdistance far from the edge of the town. This way towns can either be bigger or enjoy good views of natural minecraft countryside.
  16. I was responding to Uku's first post about abandoned houses in towns, which is what this thread was originally about and what started it. I do also realize that your point is a valid one and I completely agree with it and think it's a great idea, however it is not the only point being discussed in this thread.

  17. Thanks Ron :D I think that three weeks would be a more generous and reasonable time span of inactivity since people like aaron plan on being grounded in the near future :lol: And to comment on shnaffles point... That is a good idea that i think we could possibly add the "Reclaiming" rule to.
  18. I think that this is one of the best ideas here. I 100% agree with shnaffle.
  19. Shnaffle gets my vote too.