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SP mods?

Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by J_Man172, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. anyone know any good sp mods i really want some.they cant have to use audio mod tho cause it blackscreens me
  2. Technic pack
    Equivalent exchange

    Those are the only ones ive used that are a lot of fun sorry i dont know more

    EDIT- I use more mods but they dont add items... they are:

    Single player commands
    Too many items
    World Edit
  3. These are the only mods I use.... but they are used for building. Single Player Commands and World Edit.
  4. I've found a new mod that looks to be in early to mid beta and it's really fun.It's called simply horses and it lets you tame and ride horses. It's very useful and helps to get from place to place much faster.
  5. Why not just use Mo' Creatures? There are lions, deer, birds, bears, leopards, etc. Fun to mess around with. Risugami's mods are pretty cool as well.
  6. Airships mod
    SDK's Mods (haven't used since Beta 1.6.6, but they were awesome)
    Wireless Redstone
  7. The biosphere mod is really cool besides the fact that you can easily acquire rare materials.
  8. Don't blinkā€¦
  9. Well for starters i use simply horses over mo creatures cause on simply horses the maker has planned to add in farming tools for the horses and wagons which will be great for relocating...
  10. Try out Flans mods, Im loving it atm. Drawn me away from the server with me making a huge fortress covered with machine guns and an airport for my planes xD
  11. I will try but for me anything that needs sound mod doesn't work...but i haven't tried for a few updates.
  12. try terrafirmacraft it is a whole new way of playing minecraft. Forget how you would start a minecraft sp world normally it is completely different.