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Spawn extreme makeover

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 09jnewington, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. The most popular area on our map is quite obviously spawn, however, with all the amazing creative juices of our server im sure we could make it grander than it is, taller and larger, for it is the forst impression new members get when they join.

    I am happy to help rebuild if this is put forward.

  2. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Me, pythros, and gili slaved for at least thirty minutes building that thing.

    Are you saying our work is below-par?
  3. Arhi, is to be a simple place. A reason for this to reduce lag. More stuff, more lag. However, I do agree that the tower is a little less than par with the builders we have now.

    I was trying to think of a circular tower out of stone or something and was trying to work on that in the sandbox but 1.8 came in... I just thought of something along the lines of a tree? Like a "world tree"?
  4. Lol when we built that, i thought it was only a model for what we were going to finish with :p It just kinda stuck. I would be glad to help with this makeover :p But not the signs. It's someone elses turn to write them out, i've done it twice already :p
  5. 09 do u not like the spawn? Because the spawn is BIG and GREAT!
  6. I really like the feel of spawn. it is big and well organized. i don't think any changes are necessary
  7. I feel like the boarders could be shrunk to give lakeside a bit of breathing room
  8. The spawn area and select server areas such as the North Stargate, etc., will always have a large area around it from things being too close. I suggest to find something further away next time ;)
  9. yes i do agree that the spawn needs a makeover but i also think there should be a place where the mayors can hang out. i know ive said this once and ot to be rejected... but i think it is a good idea and i think it should be added. also in the mayor house there should be chests where we can exchange goods or excessive amounts of some ex: dirt or bread etc... so pls add this and ask all the mayors. and also can we have our own sub forum for the mayors too? like where we can negotiate war terms when the new map comes out
  10. I think the chest idea is a valid suggestion. Sub forum would be helpful. But wars? I dont think that there will even be pvp, too many complaints and problems with people abusing it. although a good chase is always enjoyable ;)

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  11. No one ever replied to Everdras' nor my questions in the PM's.....

    War... most likely not. Sub forums... it has already been mentioned in the Town Central forum that it, along with a in-game chat, and a TS channel will be available as an upgrade. The terms to obtain these is still being determined.
  12. What PM's?
  13. Thats awesome
  14. LOL when i say spawn i mean the 2 block high room you go to when typing /spawn

    sorry for confusion.
  15. Wow, now you tell us. 09, try typing /fail, and see what happens. Or, you could just do /money pay Mcon 1000. I'll accept either/or.
  16. Q: please explain what and why spawn is called 'arhi' its real nice! just wonering why? is it from some sci-fi i missed?
  17. ooh, funny! I just read that the other day on the forums here. It is (greek, I think, doesn't really matter, as it's all greek to me), and it means something like "the beginning".
  18. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=36

  19. Well in the temp maps i made a giant tree. It wasnt done but i think in the new 1.10 map we could add that to spawn maby as the starting tower?