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Spawn extreme makeover

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by 09jnewington, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. I think a giant tree would be amazing me and sonicsteve could help Im sure hed want to... also weve made them before *cough whiteoak cough*
  2. Cool, If pyth still has the 1.8 temp maps saved we could copy my old tree over and finish it for spawn
  3. Or we could start afresh... as that tree was a little flat..
  4. A flat tree :cry: Darn that thing took a long time, but it would be a pain to copy something so big and tall so we could rebuild it in the current map and then copy it to 1.10.... darn then well have to copy it again :|
  5. I didnt mean that offensivly I meant it was a trunk you enever got anybranches also with WE brushes like I showed you could make a rly nice one in relativly little time.
  6. Ohhh you mean the thing where you left click with a tool. Thats a great idea, i wonder if we could get permission from pyth to use worldedit. Since im not a mod pyth might not let me use worldedit tho, but i could still like help wiht the newcomber maze that goes on the inside :)
  7. Just a quick question, what is actually happening with this spawn makeover thing and when is it happening?
  8. We will have a different spawn when we go to the new map
  9. Oh ok.

    I'll help if I can^^
  10. I found this on r/minecraft. It was made with worldedit and it is awesome.