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Special Events

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. I'm looking to set up special events every month or so. These will be more specifically towards PvP. It will take place on a specific server that will be white-listed for the most part unless the event will allow spectators.

    For example, UHC, Walls, Gold Rush, etc.

    Feel free if you would be interested in these events along with suggestions of specific maps to play. Currently this will not be a request to develop something new unless YOU are the one making it. :)
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  2. I think if we had pvp challenges like this it would interest a lot of our players and keep people coming back. Overall I think it's a great idea as long as everyone remains a good sport and don't throw tantrums because they lose.
  3. That's why our server isn't PvP survival. I think it would be different when it's the objective to win.
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  4. I agree, I'd like to see Walls in :p
  5. So... about monthly events...
  6. I don't think this is a priority as of now. We can worry about getting events set up once we have our add ons and a good player base. But, i like what direction you're going in.
  7. Well in my opinion monthly activities that bring the community together is what we need. Right now everyone focuses on their own thing with very little talk with the other players online. We need to do something big to draw people back on and then do other activities to keep them coming back.
  8. Yes, i agree with all of that. But what exactly would we do? We have no add ons to attract attention or schedule events for. We need our base first, the server needs to be secured and set up how we want it. However, we could have an event that involves a community build or something for an add on. Idk. Just throwing something out there
  9. Well Embernight and I are building an amusement park and we want to hold races and things. You can still do public events without flashy plugins.
  10. Hey, if you feel that it will be beneficial to the health of the server then don't let me stop you piscies :D Anything works at this point, I was just sharing my opinion on the most effective and efficient method.
  11. You weren't stopping me. I'd still do it if you told me not to. It is effective and efficient because it gives players something to do rather than having them sit around waiting for the plugins to get fixed.
  12. No need to get hostile piscies, it's just an expression. I wasn't intending to force anything. Feel free to go crazy with events
  13. I am not getting hostile. I am just correcting you.
  14. Oh, right. My mistake.....
  15. Yeah it is your mistake. *snaps fingers in "z" formation*
  16. Are you always so antagonistic toward me? I don't recall doing anything that made me a target for your sass :p
  17. ...oh really?
  18. Piscies isn't amused.
  19. I wonder if my doors are still locked.... Eraisuithon isn't amused :D