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Special Events

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Says the one stealing from my house...
  2. Your unprotected eggs were going to disappear anyway. I saved them and gave them life. They were lying on the cold heard zombie infested ground in your pit.
  3. So what? That doesn't justify stealing. Unprotected or not. The rules don't say "no stealing unless you find something unprotected in someone's home"
  4. The rules also don't say to teleport onto someone's protected land and override a door lock
  5. A) You asked me to come there because your chickens weren't producing eggs.
    B) The doors were never locked.
  6. A) I asked you to come to my chicken coop, not my house
    B) The doors were on protected land so they were, by default, claimed property
    C) I'm over it. No use reopening old wounds
  7. Your chicken coup is like 10 blocks away from your house and since you stole my chickens, I couldn't jail you so I punished you another way. It was all fairly done.
  8. Fine. I grudgingly accept your judgments so as to end this facade and get back to good graces.