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Strange glitch

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I came on the server a few minutes ago (from when this was posted) and I had God mode on. I don't know how this happend or anything. Please turn it off as i may get into trouble with a moderator for hacking or something...
  2. ...and you are suggesting we do this? Perhaps a better place for this would be nice.

    Steve was telling me this morning about how you were standing in lava, but not getting burned. Is this something similar?

    He also noted that you starved to death at the time.
  3. I was standing in lava and starving to death but I wasn't dying.
    I had no clue where to post this so i picked suggestions...
    Please turn it off. It's really annoying!
  4. Gili just 'fixed' my problem by dropping me from 10,000 blocks up.
    Thanks, I guess...
  5. Feel glad he didn't do it from 1mil. We had quite the time doing that the other day....

    10k isn't that bad. It only takes a few minutes, as opposed to five hours.
  6. No seriously, nothing else worked. I:
    *dropped him in lava
    *buried him alive (suffocated him)
    *drowned him
    *starved him
    *dropped him under bedrock into the void
    Nothing worked :p
  7. I joined Gili on the 1 mil fall at 700,000 blocks up... fell to 500,000 the got bored and tp'ed home. Thats when I became imortal...

    Lesson: falling from 1,000,000 blocks is a GOOD idea ;)
  8. lol

    When I went back to my house for a lunch break, I died. Well, on the other hand, I wasn't hungry anymore.
  9. Mcon for the win!
  10. Bad news. I seem to have caught Auhjos Syndrome. I only noticed it when I was helping Steve get rid of some mobs under Harlech. Anyways, I tried death by mob, death by netherrack, death by lava, death by nether lava, death by starvation, suffocation, and drowning. Nothing.

    I also dropped myself from about fifty blocks up. That was when I had just found it out. I'm gonna go try dropping from 10k now.

    Edit: Didn't work. Now that I think of it, though, I remember, the last time I was dropping (I skipped down to 5K after a few more minutes), when I landed, it said I died, yet I hadn't. So...
  11. Thats kinda how it happend to me...
    I was falling from 600k when I tp'ed home and it said I died but I didn't then I was... *que dramatic music*

  12. You have no clue how strong a temptation just arose to edit your post to say you became "immoral".
  13. I just tried to re create the glitch without success... Auhjos syndrome has been irradiated!!!
    Mcon still has it though so uh yea... don't go near him...
  14. lol

    Shnaffle asked if it was contagious. Well, I caught it, didn't I?
  15. Is it contagious: Yes
    Is it deadly: Well no... it's kinda the opposite. And thats good?... No?

    What should we do?
    Avoid Mcon at ALL costs unless you want to be imortal...

    This is a very bad advert for spreading awareness about a disease...
  16. Nah. You are doing a great job marketing it. It's possible now that everyone who hears about it will want it.

    Are you sure you aren't studying for a degree in sales?
  17. I would but I'm much more into economics because the current state of the economy creates...

    5 hours later...
  18. sounds like a decent infection, dang my strong immune system...

    Modedit: Fixed a mispelled curse word, and couldn't help but clean up his grammatical errors as well.
  19. Please, refrain from cuss words, even badly spelled ones.
  20. curse... not cuss...

    any ways... we need a team of doctors to find the cure to this horrible disease... and YOU can help!

    Just donate $3 a month and we will fix Mcon's problem.

    Thank you