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Strange glitch

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. You are much better off not knowing, believe me.
  2. when your about 15+ you may get it
  3. I get it and now I wish I didn't...

    Wasn't this a 'family friendly' place? Oh the days of old...
  4. yes you do.. you said;

    Nice one! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Ah, shaddap.
  6. I was making a joke... Now this is awkward. Thanks 09...
  7. lol, sorry, but I guess you cant really have a arkward silence on a forum
  8. Just watch!

  9. watch wat?
  10. Ha! There has been a lack of typing now for a full day now!!!

    This is akward...

    I win again!!!
  11. how can one win a gain?

    is a gain worth winning?
  12. lol.

    nuff said
  13. How is immortality a bad thing?
  14. It gets irritating after a while...
  15. i dont find it award

    Toase wins the vans
  16. Firstly there were two spelling errors:

    Secondly, how do you win? I stated an opinion, not a theory and thus there is no winning or loosing on my part. You stated your opinion as well also removing you from the possibility of winning or loosing.

    Thirdly, the conversation has moved on since my post of:
    In-between which there have been five posts NONE of which referring to the awkwardness.
  17. In heated debates, stop and ask yourself... what would Jesus do?
  18. ...probably agree with the other person, then tell them why they are wrong.
  19. Walk over a lake then feed 5,000 people with a tuna sandwich?
  20. hahaha, for those of you who dont know (everyone) auhjos has some strange fetish with tuna sandwhiches