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Strange glitch

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Well, it makes sense. Tuna sandwiches combines the bread and fish which was used in the past. So, it's either that, or a halibut sandwich. Or perhaps a talapia sandwich.

    On an off note, I heard a rather loud rap song about walking on water. It might have been nice, if I were into rap. I hate rap.
  2. I digress off your digression, hallibut is latin for holy flatt-fish

    as it was a fish commonly eaten by fishermen on palm something-or-other-day

    I learned that for a mastermind quiz^^
  3. I would guess "palm sunday"

    But, that's just a guess.
  4. why guess that day?
  5. ....because Palm Sunday is an important day?
  6. hmmm, okay, ill look it up
  7. That would be the week before Easter. On that day, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem, where the people laid down palms on the ground, as well as their robes and other such items like cloaks, hats, and whatever, so that the donkey carrying Jesus didn't touch the ground. Rather a nice welcome, considering that the next week, they wanted him crucified as opposed to a criminal who had murdered and committed various other bad deeds, too many and graphic to be listed at this time.

    Someone must have decided to call it "Palm Sunday" instead of "articles of clothing and random attire Sunday". Who knows why? Perhaps they thought it would read better.
  8. okay, thanks mcon.

    but you kinda summarised it as people stripping for a man on a donkey.
  9. ....no. They weren't stripping their clothes off completely. They discarded an odd item or two.

    And it wasn't for the donkey. It was for the man riding on the donkey.
  10. oooooh, JESUS! now I get it^^ sorry, thanks
  11. Exactly what I was thinking!!!

    And just a quick question: 09jnewington, why did you think that people would strip for a donkey? I'm not christian and haven't heard the story in any depth (other than a holy man called Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey). Common sense* should say: If people would throw their clothes out at a man at a donkey, it should just be a hat, shoes or another normal article of clothing that isn't your underwear... And not for the donkey, the holy man!!!!!

    *(Why is common sense called that, because it isn't!(as 09jnewington demonstrates)) <--- Oxymoron!!!
  12. People say that to end a conversation. Think about it...
  13. Or else, they try to end it by saying something really stupid, like, "people end conversations like this."
  14. Touche...
  15. its An acknowledgement of the success, appropriateness or superiority of an argument or discussion; sometimes used sarcastically to mock one's opponent's absurd logic.

    I said it for I knew what it meant

    p.s what was the typo?
  16. The literal translation is "I have no more to speak"
  17. famous last words^^

  18. No 09jnew, no.
  19. speaking of falling from great heights on a single player world i flew up to 10,000,000 blocks up and it took like 10 hours(well, give or take a few hours) just to get there, so then i fell, and fell, and fell some more. untill i fell into some random lava pit... but it was fun!