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Super Craft!!!!

Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by supercrushed, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Now be warned, for some reason on fancy graphics the grass glitches, idk how to fix it, please leave ur honest opion.
    - Thanks Super :D

    Also it is just a sample, it is no where near done :(

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  2. it just shows other stuff. not the texturepack thingy...
  3. What, another modder? We seem to have an infestation of them...
  4. painting and coding are VERY differet :)

    still awesome texture pack man, 1st to download ^_^
  5. What do u mean crazy?
  6. Mcon it is a texture pack, have u seen it yet?
  7. Guys, the brick and the nether rack glitch can be fixed with Mcpactcher. It happened with all texture packs.
  8. Thanks for the feed back though :D
  9. If i had to give constructive critisism i would say.....


  10. Thanks Xd!!!! And thanks 09^^ :D
  11. Tell me about this new game, called "MIBNECRAFT". I want to know more about this strange thing...
  12. I made the textures for rainbow craft, bread craft and ALFA_j1998's new mod^^

    I could make a texture pack for you/others if you like...
  13. 1. I havet seen anything for the bakery mod yet

    2. although ALFA seems eager to take all the credit for this mod, i have written all the source code so far

    3. I will thouroughly recommend auhjos, super, he is awesome at computer art!
  14. 1. Its Indev and I also have a life!!! Be patient

    2. I have nothing to say about this...

    3. True. And when I'm done with these mods I'll be happy to help^^
  15. Super i just noticed That there is a line of pixles missing on a bookshelf allowing you to see caves....
    plz fix
  16. Isn't that a good thing^^?
    I'm just joking...
  17. Sweet i just tried it reminds me of one thats no longer updated called nature craft by figgensandvich.
  18. I came here and found a super texture pack. I like it :3
  19. thanks master
  20. when is next update out?

    Will be be compat. for 1.0.0?

    will you Get a MCForums page for it?*

    *if no, i'm happy to make one for you!