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Temp map behaviour

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. In the past few days there have been an increasing number of incidences of bad behavior among people. I've seen people saying that they've been robbed, PvP'ed out of all their stuff abd had their land/base taken over. Read this and please stop complaining:

    1. Chests: If you've been robbed then be sure that your chests are protected under lwc. if unsure about this, type /cprivate and punch your chest. To add people to the protection (They can't destroy the chest but they CAN take all your stuff) Type /cmodify <playername> then punch the chest. To remove the chest protections all together type /cremove then punch the chest. If you are in a faction then you can access all public and your private chests within your land. When an enemy takes over the land, you may now not access the chest. If it is locked then neither will your enemy. Occationaly during a server restart there will be a 1-5 minute roll back. Try to keep this in mind before calling us about mod abuse.

    2. Factions: This is VERY simple, if you don't mind PvP then join a faction (optional). If you don't like PvP then don't join a faction and stay out of their way. If you want to join a faction, type /f join <factionname> . If you see this message "This faction requires an invite to join" then you must wait for a moderator of that faction to come online. DO NOT ASK TO BE PROMOTED, IT IS VERY ANNOYING!!! Joining a non-peaceful faction comes with the risk of you having your house taken over. Keep this in mind! Joining a peaceful faction means that you may NOT PvP.

    3. Houses: Building a house in the wild has the risk of it being griefed. If your house is 'stolen' then it's your fault for building it in a bad area.

    4. Online map: Here is the online map which you can use to see all of minecraftia: http://map.xp-e.net

    5. Swearing: Very simple, don't swear and keep your language clean. If you get kicked or banned then you should have stopped swearing and thought before you typed. This is a family friendly server. A test would be to ask yourself: "Would I tell this to my grandma?"

    Read this and enjoy the temp map. Ragers, be gone!

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  2. How does one create a faction?
  3. /f create <factionname>

    It costs 100 Talents to create a faction and you need 4 players (including yourself) to begin claiming land. You also need positive power which will slowly regenerate over time while online.
  4. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Stickying and such, this is basic stuff for the temp maps, guys. Common sense.
  5. Honestly... this is ridiculous. If someone does not ally you it does not mean we "Hate your guts," we just want someone to fight.
  6. i agree but when its just 1 faction thay=t everyone wants to fight at once it gets a little annoying
  7. Well then you just dont be that faction and don't make enemies...
  8. Refer to rule 2.
    Being in a faction comes with the risk of: PvP, loosing your stuff in PvP, having your house taken over and war with other factions. If that means everyone bundles up against you, tough. If someone doesn't ally with you it comes with the risk of war BUT THIS IS NOT A CERTAINTY!!! Joining a PEACEFUL faction (/f peaceful <factionname>) means you have NO PvP or taking others land. Joining NO faction means that there is (almost) no risk of loosing your stuff, PvP and having your house taken over (Don't build near a faction... just don't)
  9. Just before I foolishly updated, I was in a faction called Spartans. I then quit during a siege and joined the Destroyers. The owner of Spartans then proceeded to /t me that I was a traitor, a coward and a whole host of other wonderful things. Firstly, war is war. Get over it. Secondly, why would I stay on board a sinking ship? The Titanic is a great example! Finally, this is the second map reset. (Please note this is my OPINION!!!) There isn't much point unless we keep this map until 1.2.4 and the main map comes back.
  10. Well you can now rejoice in the fact that yesterday the destroyers finally sunk the spartans.
  11. To be honest, I don't mind :p
    Congratz to the Destroyers and R.I.P to the Spartans
  12. um acctualy the spartans have not sunk and are in fact still very much afloat with no holes in the hold so :p we also killed many destroyers for trespassing
  13. aka i killed gili twice and gabbergil once for free diamond armor
  14. This will NOT turn into a forum where people say how they won/lost about to win/loose ect... I posted this tread to prevent this. Go to the temp map, enjoy factions and have a good time. You get items, well done! If you loose them, boo hoo.
  15. Just a reminder to new people or as a refresher to others, what happens on the temp map, stays on the temp map. Enjoy factions and be decent people.
  16. May I add 3 things to this list?

    1. Betraying. Don't join a faction if your only objective is to attack and betray your friends. Simple.

    2. Stealing. When leaving a faction, it's ok to dismantle your room and take some items. DO NOT, break everything steal the faction money and pour lava everywhere T^T... Really? Should this need to be said?

    3. DON'T BE PURPOSEFUL ANNOYANCES. Don't try to frustrate others. Be nice and have fun. Also, don't steal unprotected stuff. Lesson: If it's not yours, don't mess with it. Enemy factions is tricky here... Just as long as you are giving yourself an actual gain in your battle rather than mindless griefing then sure, go ahead.
  17. 3. Houses: Building a house in the wild has the risk of it being griefed. If your house is 'stolen' then it's your fault for building it in a bad area.
    Griefing is allowed, so build a secret base and protect it all. Peaceful factions with one member can protect land now, so being griefed is your own fault. Pointlessly griefing for the fun of it though is just annoying so please don't.

    Lava is also disabled so griefing like suggested in No.2 is not possible to that extent.