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Testing 1.5.1

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. So, I did a general glance at some servers that have specialties and regulars that use CB as their server to find a good portion of them are on development builds of 1.5. Note, that dev builds can break things. I am currently going through the plugins to see what is updated and what isn't updated to at least 1.4.7 to see what is borke.

    If I don't run into any breaking errors that will make things go boom, what do you folks think about updating to 1.5 once the plugins clear before any beta or recommended builds come out? I will of course have everything backed up for the sake of.

    Please go there and try to break plugins. Address is px-e.net.

    BTW: I am testing out a new modded server called Spigot. It is a modded version of CraftBukkit with a lot more flexibility, performance fixes, and build-in anti-xray. So please stress test and see if you can use any form of xray.

    Please post here with any and all issues you have. Thanks!
  2. Well... if I don't hear from anyone soon, I'll make a decision of WAITING to go to 1.5.2 in April :p
  3. Are you asking if we want the main map on 1.5 as of now? If so, then i vote yes.
  4. I also vote for the server to be updated to 1.5.1!! :)
  5. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I'd wait, personally. I still remember that one beta build back around 1.3 that had a penchant for deleting all stone blocks on the map.

  6. Ah yes... that was fun.

    Anywho, server is updated to 1.5.1 and EVERYTHING has been backed up right before updating to 1.5.1. So if anything breaks, we have a backup.