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The last goodbye

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, May 13, 2012.

  1. well, sorry if you werent on to say goodbye, I really love you all so much, you are all so awesome, especiialy all the staff team, Pythros down to Evildeath, all of you have been my best friends... Yet I will never know you, this is one reason why I must leave you, I need a real life!

    I kinda got banned for overswearing which was a real shame for I wanted to give everyone all my stuff, but these things happen, so really just share it all out :D give all my stuff to whoever wants it, I didnt really have much.

    I X-Ray mined with Nodus one time
    I am part of a proffessional greifing team, but we never touched ChiRho
    I stole somones sheep
    I stole a stack of fish from a uninhabitted fish shop at spawn
    I have coded my own custom client I let somone use one, but on a different server

    I put alot of time and energy into this server, and becoming a moderator is one - if not my biggest - achievement, please do not demote me from that, as I believe that is the best way all the time I have committed can be remembered.

    Pythros, you genuinely have the best server in the world
    Poet, I bet you help alot too

    I'm not a bad person, but I want to say sorry to anyone I ever annoyed, or got on the wrong side of

    cheers for being my best friends - although I will never meet you, I bet all your real friends are very lucky to know you!

    If you wish to stay in contact m;
    my FB: https://www.facebook.com/joshua.newington
    my Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JoshuaTheC0der?feature=mhee

    a couple of awesome people who spring to mind as friends I have made from this server (thats not ppl I know irl)

    Eraisuithon134 (I gave this fella 33,000T!!!!:O)

    there are tonnes I have forgotten, but don't take it personnally fellas!

    I keep thinking of things to write
    cuz I don't want to go
    but I have to
    so please

    I miss you already, please please please, don't forget
    please please please don't forget how much I have put into this organisation I am only proud to ever be part of, and don't regret a moment of it!

    now is my time

    the person reading this, yes, YOU! you are a great person! and when it is your time to leave ChiRho, make sure you leave it a better place than when you started

    *sobs a little *

    -09jnewington signing out

    derp :p
  2. Bye 09, you will be missed. Hope you will still check in on the forums every once in a while (like me :p)
  3. BYE! :( Thanks for all the fun times! (and the 33k o_O, i shared some with super) Good Luck With LIFE!
  4. 09, you have achieved what I considered the impossible, quitting Minecraft. Good luck old friend, one day I will follow in yer footsteps.
  5. This is a great post. I was going to try get in contect with you just to talk guitar and maybe swap some riffs. Any way have fun in the real world :cool: lol
  6. This gives me an idea we should have a ChiRho-con(like minecon but for ChiRho)that way we can meet u and be real life friends and you dont have to leave :lol: :cool: ;) :) :p yes i wentfacecrazy
  7. Aha, great post. Bye 09. can i haz your diamonds?
  8. Miss yah. Swing by if you wish to return!
  9. Oh and don't forget, can't remember when or where who said this, but unless demoted
  10. I'm going on now to deal out my stuff, come on if you want anything
  11. I realize that this was made a long time ago(to me, time goes way to fast for me), but anyway, see ya! also, people should post there best memory of you! thats what people do at my school when someone leaves.
  12. My best memory was when 09, Auhjos, and I all had Doctor Who themed skins. Auhjos and I were both the 10th Doctor, 09 a Cyberman, and 09 tried to get one of us to switch skins, going in-character as a cyberman XD
  13. *sniff* good times

    I remember Rping with you all the time Aaron
  14. Hey 09, remember this one?

    "Chicken, chicken! You buy chicken, chicken. Is good chicken you buy chicken."
  15. I think I actually remember seeing that in chat and thinking "lolwat?"
  16. Good times... Kind of makes you want to come back on the server 09jnewington eh? *wink wink nudge nudge*
  17. maybe some day :3 but then I would have to say goodbye again at one point
  18. :D Get the party ready :D
  19. Pinkie Pie: -grabs the Party Cannon-

  20. *loads canon with confetie*