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"The Tower"

Discussion in 'General' started by supercrushed, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. On the new map I am planing to make a luxury apartment building. I think with the height limit I can get like 10-12 floors at max. These will not be cheap apartments, neither will the building. I've been gathering materials for a while before I accidentally updated. I still need a lot more obsidian, dark logs, smooth stone, and sandstone. I'm trying to learn myself but if there are any redstone technicians on the server ( Which I know there are) then I would be thankful for any help.If anybody has seen the movie Tower Heist then you will know the look I am going for. On each floor there will be two, decent size, apartments. I might add a floor or two with 4 apartments for people that can not afford the regular size apartments. At the top I will have 2 or 3 penthouses for the upper class. You will be able to modify the inside of your building but not at all are you allowed to modify the outside. All help is welcome :D .

    - Happy Thanksgiving :D
  2. I would suggest you get in touch with GhostMonk. He supposedly loves redstone work.
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  7. If anybody does wanna help just message me.
  8. Ha oops we went a little off topic....
  9. Well here is the lobby, the front, and the floor plan for small apartments. The areas that are roofed are the hallways, the open areas are the 2 apartments. Since these are cheaper apartments noth will share a balcony.

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  10. I have found while building this I have run into a block duplication glitch. It gets very annoying. I could see this happening if there was a lot of log, but there is none. I'm running at 40-45 FPS.

    Edit: Lag*
  11. Haha very good

    also dragonite, it auto reconnects you as it can locate you and assume that you were confused.
  12. Those screen shots look realy cool, I cant wait to see it on the server :)
  13. Well atleast i didnt learn that from experience...