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The use of Snowballs in Poieo

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Goldman1356, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I think that in the creative world snowballs should not be allowed to be thrown or interact with. I only say this because on my plot the other day i found lots of snow from snowballs.
    So, it might be a good idea to ban snowballs in Poieo.
  2. I Agree its pretty annoying!:cool:
  3. Here's an example of this:
    2013-03-04_18.42.15.png 2013-03-04_18.42.06.png
  4. Currently there isn't a way to disable it per world. The only other option would to be remove the plugin itself.
  5. Actually... I take that back. Just found out there is a permission system for it, but they are all enabled by default. This should be "fixed" for Poieo at the next restart from now. :)
  6. Thanks pyth :D

    Is all snow disabled? Or just snowballs?
    Eraisuithon134, Mar 4, 2013
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  7. Only the feature of snowballs creating ice from water and snow tiles in Poieo.
  8. yeah.. this takes a while to clean up... trust me i had to. plus snowballs ruin water sculptures created by WE because breaking or placing blocks by the water makes it fall... Embernight learned that the hard way
  9. yep. all that work and it was ruined...
  10. There is a thaw or melt command that can be ran based on radius if you need to.
  11. Thank you Pythros for sorting this problem out! :)
  12. For the snow already there it's easy to remove as Ember stated "it was ruined" you can fix this by building a 1x1 tower in the corner of the plot higher then everything on the plot then type //wand first select the top of the 1x1 tower then the opposite corner of the plot then type //replace snow air
  13. No disney I'm afraid it isn't that easy when the sculpture is made of water and when water falls if a block by it is removed or placed... it creates a big mess and u must start over