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Town Broadcasts?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ron_burgendy, Feb 18, 2012.


Would having the ability to pay to make a broadcast be a useful addition to the server?

Yes! Thats a great idea, we should at least have a trial run 5 vote(s) 100.0%
No, it would be annoying and spam chat and no one would pay for it 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. I was thinking maybe we could have a system where people could pay to broadcast, like an advertisement, so pay per word (or letter; perhaps like 15t a word?) for a set amount of time. for example one could say (for 125t a week):
    Aldea Incendio Job Opening CO-Mayor wanted, contact ron_burgendy.

    or on a similar note, like town channels (idk if this is possible) but maybe we can have "groups" of some sort for towns and the town mayor could make a broadcast only the members of the town would see,
    For example, all members of aldea incendio might see once an hour for a week-
    Bank now open! Directly behind town hall and to the left- Ready for all trades and exchanges.

    Just a thought.

  2. Town channels are already mentioned in the town upgrades thread. I like the advertisement idea though.
  3. 15t is too much

    And if everyone buys ads it will clog the chat
  4. I think 15t that way people will use them more sparingly, and also maybe should only mayors be able to do it? hm but this could be useful for people who want a hand and will pay...
  5. You realise people can advertise In the chat for free already...

  6. not in a broadcast... hahaha. plus say im offline but someone really wants to be my comayor but doesnt know the position is available. he sees the broadcast ad and sends me a /mail. Everyones happy.
  7. good point... but you can just post it on the forums... bassically, nobody will invest in this :)
  8. Maybe someone could hire a billboard in spawn to advertise?
  9. ye, that was my idea from red lapis inc. ads
  10. Did you build them? :p
  11. uuh... i'm.... working on it
  12. Maybe build it onto the mountain with those airships.
  13. Idk for one thing I know I would invest in this :p (maybe ill start a poll...)
    also Idk about the spawn thing because it is VERY hard to make letters or a msg in MC unless its EXTREMELY huge, and plus I dunno how many people go to spawn. I know that I never do. I just go to my home and my friends homes...
  14. D: no way!!

    I spent time on those! Digging into the hill would be ugly IMO.

    Also theres bill boards on all of Mcons arenas that should be going into a game world. I like this idea sort of but I can see chat being spammed with it. But heres an idea... If theres a way to make town channels. Maybe have the advertisment read out in them? If thats possible like in Aldea Incendio chat only "Free plots available contact Ron_Burgendy"
    I think that would be a nice solution and stop global from being spammed. If thats possible that is...
  15. Thats what I was getting at in my original post, I'm not sure if Gili got what I meant at the time though.

    But I still like the broad advertisement so that I could find say a redstone engineer for the town that way. Maybe only mayors can use it? and theres a limit? like... one ad per week? just thinking out loud...
  16. Hmm I like the idea of "broadcasting" but not using the server broadcast. We could possible have say "Town Shout" or Herald like things. IE: /townb <message> and this would be broadcast as [Town Broadcast] to players, and /Herald <message> would be the same thing [Herald] There is also the option of /yell like you see in many MMOs and I personally would only implement this if they were being charged else like many others mentioned the chat would spammed to death.
  17. Great idea Avp! i don't know how these things could get implemented to the server as I never played mmo s and i dont know how the server or coding/plugins work (i want to learn tho!)
    I just like pitching things when i think of them :p
    Ohhh idea....
    Perhaps we could have the town broadcasts that anyone in the town could make (provided they paid for it, pay the mayor and... pyth?) and the mayor approved it
    Similar for server broadcast only mayors could make the msg and it had to be approved by head mod+ and pay pyth. Responses?
  18. [Official] Towns will have a section in the Town Central building located in Arhi. They can advertise there. As far as /townb and /herald... not sure of that..

    Eventually, chat system will be reworked. Local will expand to 200 blocks from 100 blocks from you. Then, I'll add a /yell channel which will be 75 blocks or so and a /say channel which will be somewhere around 25 blocks away from you.
  19. Maybe a /room which somehow only means people in the same room as you can here...

    i.e: (X= block e= space)


    Only the people within the X'es can here but not outside