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Town Idea!!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by J_Man172, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Well I Came Up With This During An Accedental Ban(That's Still Not Over And Might Not Ever Be).
    So I Thought Mayors Want To Have Healing Areas And A Yummy Food Place For Their Town. So I Came Up With The Idea Of Having Requirements To Be Able To Get Them.To Get The Yummy Food Place I Think The Town Needs To Have A Restrant Of Some Sort Then That Is The Yummy Food Place.For The Healing Center They Would Need A Hospital Or Clinic Of Some Sort And The Building(Not The Plot Its On)Would Heal Them.Just An Idea Please Leave Your Thoughts About It.

  2. Really i read that the other day and didnt see them......
  3. I feel so dumb ill try to think of other things tho
  4. Ok i had an idea and thought it was ok so here it is. All towns must have some type of sewer system that is connected to all buildings just a thought tell meh what ya think
  5. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Can you do me a major favor, JMan, and stop capitalizing the first letter of every word? It's really distracting and is not proper grammar.
  6. Srry its just a habit when every thing isnt in caps im probs on my kindle
  7. Sorry about this, but I couldn't post this in the town upgrades thread because it was closed. Instead of a jail could you have castle of some sort with a dungeon? For instance in Solitude, Skyrim, they have a castle with a dungeon for prisoners.
  8. Wouldnt that be a jail? But yes I can pretty much confirm you will be able to do this instead.
  9. What I meant is something like you take your castle (Harlech's) and you just put a dungeon beneath it.
  10. I know. Which is why I said that would be a valid jail, funnily enough we are planning on that when Era is back up.
  11. Gili approves.
  12. approves what?
  13. Well it's one of the three words i selected in the quote, can't be too hard :p


    I approve of kindles.
  14. Kindle Fires?
  15. Try to stay on topic, please...