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Two Shnaffles!?!?

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Lag can be so strange...

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  2. Haha thats funny. And here we have shnaffle trapped under ice.

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  3. A thread all about the handsome me :D I feel so honered!

    Also heres the same thing with gili:

    And sonisteve:

    Why there are 2 gili ones I will never know.....

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  4. I know how: /md sonicsteve/gili707
  5. Accusing me of cheating! :p
    No this was due to lag and when I said two gili ones I meant I had 2 pictures of 2 gilis (I know scary) I mean the server didnt have mobdisguise when sonicsteve was a junior mod :p
  6. I see...
  7. I once saw shnaffle on the floor, but one was running around... However, I was unable to get a picture.
  8. That happened to me once :)
    People were saying "How u do tat?" and "Which fly mod u have?" and my personal favorite:
  9. I love the way you talk about me like I have a twin and that Im not human :) also was that in aldea incendio when i tped while in a bed and was stuck in the floor with bed gui?
  10. lol, Shnaffle has given me an idea...
  11. Lol shnaffle, you may be human but you're always covered with dirt... and ye, that was in Aldea.
  12. lol, mr anderson from the matrix