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Discussion in 'General' started by C_T_W, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. So sicne minecraft is out now, i sorta updated not thinking about that we werent updating yet, so i wont be on until we do
  2. http://www.minecraft.great-windmill.com/

    go there.
    select versions.
    select 1.8.1
    rename downloaded file to "minecraft.jar"
    replace the old minecraft.jar file in your minecraft support folder with the downloaded one. (on windows, go to %appdata% then minecraft, on mac go to a new finder window, click your name, then go to library, then application support, then minecraft)
    reopen minecraft.
  3. Where is my minecraft support folder? ( I'm on windows this time)
  4. Windows 7/Vista or XP?
  5. C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\

    You might have to show hidden files and folders to see it. Or you can just go to Start->Run and enter that in.
  6. Ok thanks pyth.
  7. Ok so once I'm in the folder what do I do, I already have the 1.8.1 Minecraft folder on my desktop and I renamed minecraft.jar like gili said^
  8. I got it, good ole youtube.
  9. I spoke too soon...
  10. Um...rename your current (1.0)minecraft.jar to anything, probably minecraft1.0. Then, cut or copy the 1.8.1 jar into the bin folder. That should work.
  11. Nope Minecraft starts normal and says done loading.... The nothing happens. Maybe it's just my comp. I'll figure it out but thanks guys.
  12. I had a problem briefly when I was playing around with Kingdom of the Sky map, where I would try to load up my game, and it would go blank after I logged in. This sounds something like that. I think the problem I had then was that I had a mod in my minecraft.jar at the time, but it needed Modloader for it to work. So, are you sure that you have a completely clean copy of the 1.8.1 jar?
  13. Yeah, but I may have an ancient x-ray mod from like 1.2, What about texture packs, I have a million of those.
  14. I can honestly say that anything else beyond this point is above my level. I could give a couple of suggestions, but it is likely as not that they will be wrong. So, I cede the floor to someone else who is better qualified at this point. The only thing I had was that you might have had some mod which required modloader to run; that's the only time I have experienced what you said.
  15. Ok, I still have 1 computer that has 1.8.1, which is the one in my living room, constantly used by my parents, but it is better than nothing. The worst that can happen is waiting for the new map.
  16. Did you try it with no mods?
  17. Yeah, but it's ok. I can just wait for the new map.
  18. I kinda updated as well.
    Being a Moderator and all, am I required to un-update?