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wad'ya think?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. This shiny new Gibson les paul (LH) supreme (no Bigsby) 3 pick-up humbucker, I think is why life is worth living, what do think of my new peice of kit?

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  2. It's shiny and thus gets my vote :)
  3. Nice man, shes a beaut. Now you have to post a video of what you can do with it :D
  4. Beautiful guitar :) . I once had a similar guitar... but I'm not quite sure what happened to it.
  5. maybe it was the Black beauty
  6. An easy way to make a dirtman jelous... :( Ill have to stick to my old guitar which is strung for a right handed person :/
    One day I shall get my lefty one :( And yes its too old to restring Im afraid it would litterally break.
    :( Super lucky, show off ;P
  7. I saved up for the best part of 10 years for it :)

    your a lefty too?
  8. I've played the piano for 10 years... needless to say, guitar is better. Stick with it while you can
  9. Yup I am, and I've been saving up for years for a new compurer :)
  10. Love how everyone saves up for things :p I'm much less organised, I save up in case I think of something to buy :p
  11. Exactly what I did until my laptop started to die :'( So I used my presaved money to get enough for a new computer :p
  12. I save up my money only to find that when I want to buy something I've spent it all on trash...
  13. When something I hold dear begins to die, we just stick it on the NHS.
  14. And it dies anyway :p
    Lesson: The NHS is only good if you get private which costs making the whole system pointless
  15. No the NHS is only bad since Andrew Lansley got his hands on it ands trying to sell the thing off to private companies.
  16. apparently only 5% of all Health representatives attended lanselys meeting last week :O

    95% beaurocrats!?!?
  17. I can see how this relates to 09jnewington's new guitar :p
  18. oh yeah, its signed by lansley
  19. Worst celebrity signature ever... I'm pretty sure it would lower the value of the guitar actually...