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Website/forum update

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Apr 16, 2012.


Would you donate?

Poll closed Apr 26, 2012.
Yes 4 vote(s) 80.0%
No 1 vote(s) 20.0%
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  1. I'm looking to update to XenForo from WordPress and phpBB forums. A demonstration of XenForo in action can be seen at http://www.bukkit.org. It will provide a more of a social media feel with being able to "like" a post and get notifications if you were coated or tagged in a post. There are several other things that would be added based on various plugins that are in XenForo's database or things we can make up ourselves.

    However, using XenForo isn't free. It requires a one time fee of $140 USD. I am looking into the possibility of doing this update with donator support. With this, I'm taking a small poll for 10 days to see if you are willing to donate.

    Please keep in mind that as a donator, for this project or possible future donation options, this does not give you say of what happens in the community, changes to the server, plugins to add, etc, nor will it give you immunity of being jailed, muted, kicked, or banned when not following our rules. You maybe rewarded with some features here and there, but nothing is guaranteed.
  2. Only a total of 5 votes?
  3. I often miss this thread so I guess that some people don't even know it exists :p
  4. OOPS totally missed this, sorry. Although I would have voted for Yes :p
  5. Sorry, missed it too. I could donate via paypal.
  6. I honestly prefer simpler, minimalistic forum systems like PunBB.
  7. Simpler, yes. However, it really restricts to only as a forum which is what I do not want.
  8. I would donate if i had a card with which to pay. My mom would view it as a waste of money. Sorry
  9. i would donate, i love this server.

    *slaps himself*

    i have no idea how i would donate though..... :?:
  10. i like this :D so yeah when i get the money ill donate ^_^ allways good to give for a good cause.
  11. No donations yet? :(
  12. It's up? O.O
  13. Yeah. I made a post about it. I guess I should put something on the news flash.


    If you wish to receive donor perks (which are yet to be determined), please email info@xp-e.net with your Minecraft username, the email you used to donate, and the amount you donated so we can track and make note of it. This information will not be shared with anyone. If you do not wish to receive donor perks, there is no need to email us. Thank you for your support!
  14. Everdras Bit Shifter

    What forum software did we use back with Exiled Gaming? I rather liked that layout, though XenForo is definitely superior if we can get it.
  15. don't know.
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