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What next?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by 09jnewington, May 14, 2012.

  1. Well I would like to thank all who attended my funeral, I can't remember wether it was moved to spawn or at my house, but from in my diamond chamber it sounded pretty crowded :D

    in the time I would be glued to chirho I have spent it doing something I feel more important and pursuiting my dreams

    I left some chests outside my house for people I felt made my time on this server worthwhile, there is a memorial cake in there for everyone, which I hope you won't eat and just remember me by, and there is a secret map also, which I would have given to everyone, but some ppl have X-ray and stuff and I didnt have enough maps!

    there are some /mail and other easter eggs I have left to people, which when brought together will reveal my TRUE legacy! something beyond your imagination, I will leave clues once a month if you still can't get it, but I have been planning this legacy for a long time now ;) !

    good luuuuck

    Hint 1; there are 14 people with designated clues
  2. You're like the ghost of ChiRho D:
  3. Are we allowed to share our clues here?
  4. In that case, everyone post your clues here.

    I'll edit them into this post so we can see them all together.

    Me and shnaffle got "E.R.C.F.C.0.9.J.N.T.Y.K."

    Also the maps lead to -373 90 705.
  5. Very very good so far :D
    But you are mssing something
    Right between your eyes
  6. I revoke all statements of love. i hate you and your trix.
  7. Perhaps the people who 09 chose is a clue...
  8. Seems unlikely, but the first letters of each line spell viber in his last post. is that a clue 09?
  9. His last words were "When you leave behind what you love, make sure, you leave it a better place when you started"

    I also happen to know why Hadlab wants under the spawn,
    See whats at those coordinates:
    x = 14 z = 13 and y = 12 ..... Hmmmm
  10. Nope. Just checked theres a cavern with some water, but no clue... Back to the drawing board...
  11. You guys are real good! :)

    But I can't believe you hate me gili :( ( which auto corrects to hulk I thought u might like 2 know )
  12. Ooo I forgot to mention! On the 30th of may snaffle will be auctioning of all my junk

    If you were a big fan of the 09 era, get the must have memorabilia including armour worn by the man himself! ;D
  13. WAIT try the negatives of those cords....DUH!
  14. Also where was his funeral i wish to look around the spot?
  15. And another thing i know that the letters u got spell something i need more im good at code breaking

    so far i have "09jn but i need more letters GIVE ME MORE!
  16. There's this thing called the edit button, no need to multiple post like that.
  17. yes i know but i didnt think of that at them moment...
  18. Im laughing so hard right now at that comment...
    Does that really take a genius?
    Plus thats all the letters we have.