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Where Is Everyone?

Discussion in 'General' started by Evildeath66, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Did people forget, and accidently update to 1.3.1? I have been on multiple times, looking for someone to hang out with on the server, but whenever I am on, noone else is :(

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  2. Ive noticed the same thing. Every time i get on theres been nobody else around :cry:
  3. Olympics, holidays, and 1.3.1. The other problem is noone stays around when noone else is on, so it is a really quiet time at the moment.
  4. Yep I've noticed the same thing its a real shame.
  5. Not to mention school for some Americans :p. I start in less than a week.
  6. I still need to update my Minecraft…and get access to a machine that doesn't get its CPU murdered by running it ¬_¬ . But then again, I'm never on the server anymore anyways :p.
  7. I start on the 27th :D
  8. 1.3 is suppose to help out with resources hogging on the computer.
  9. That's good to know~

    Maybe I'll finally get to playing again…though I imagine I'll still put a focus on my RP, but eh.
  10. I miss everyone too. I am always alone and I stay on for hours. The one good thing, though, is that there is no more night time if you are alone, because you can go to bed and change it to day! :p
  11. I would be on but my computer screenis shorted out and won'tturn on >=(
  12. That's why your nether on skype :p
  13. Ya... i hate itwhen my lil sis touches things she shouldnt BECAUSE IT BREAKS THINGS!!!
  14. I just started school again today... I already have homework from 6 out of my 7 classes, and it's not just a worksheet. I'm doomed :p
  15. If your doomed then why are you smiling? Lol :lol:
  16. Because it's a joke :p. I don't really like the graphic for that emoticon
  17. ok I got a temp replacement screen :D so i can get on now :DDDDDD
  18. Haha! I'll be back on soon :p
    36 hour gaming marathon... ACTIVATE.