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Which is the real McCoy?

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Mcon, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. So, you tell me.

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  2. i think the one on the top
  3. Definatly the fire..
  4. the face does not look shnaffley
  5. Yeah, we did the best, adding eyes to Shnaffle to make him appear more like the original, but it just wan't the same.

    Lol, shnaffley. I like it!
  6. toasey

    add more^^
  7. It just doesn't sound the same as Shnaffley...
  8. sounds like snuffely
  9. Ha I just set that picture as my desktop background xD Hmmm the name shnaffley.... I like it :)
  10. oh my god one of the shnaffles has a round shadow!

  11. what is this 'round' you speak of?
    is it like a cube?
  12. Lol, the times, they are a changing. I heard rumors of a round sun in 1.0, though I haven't had the mind myself to check...

  13. to quote bob dylan

    'xcept without the 'LOL'
  14. i have 1.0.0 on my laptop and i have not notaced a round sun. but i have spent most of my time in a small underground town i made
  15. In 1.9.4 pre release, the sun and moon were round. Then in 1.9.5, it was everted back to square.
  16. That must have been it.

    I wouldn't really know; I spend my time either mining, or farming underground.
  17. It's quite rare that you look up at the sun because Mr.Ashley will give you a hug...
  18. and he'll never give you up