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Who Built This?

Discussion in 'General' started by ukuleleawesome, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Me and nat were wondering around today and stumbled upon this. We just want to know who built it. If you know who that would be great!

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  2. I can check if you give me the coordinates :p
  3. To creator of that structure,

    This is what minecraft is all about. Carry on building!!!

  4. That face on the far left, it looks, vaguely, ah, familiar.
    I'm thinking...
    Was it GiladitaorG? Or someone who used to live in my basement?
  5. Left to right
    Honeydew, BlueXephos, Herobrine
  6. Who the heck are they?
  7. Honeydew and Xephos: Yogscast crew
    Herobrine: Minecraft creepypasta
  8. Thats great.
  9. Kittyamazing7 made it in October.