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You Fail but I Win

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. We need some input of fails and wins to use for the /fail and /win commands

    They all have to be in third person, have to be in good taste, and appropriate for family friendly server.


    The player's name is always first and has been written in third person.
    For example,
    pythros won the jackpot!
    pythros failed so much that the server almost failed.
  2. ok for a /win some ppl think everybody but chuck norris loses [name just won!
  3. :Edit for last post [name]
  4. and for a /fail chuck norris just roundhoused kicked [name] into failville!
  5. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Small addendum- the name as to be the first word of the phrase. Unless I patch that in...
  6. what do u mean? i meant that when u type /fail it says that not having /fail be apart of it!
  7. Everdras Bit Shifter

  8. ok here are my /fails that are in that format:

    just got roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris into failville!

    just entered failville!

    Needs instructions on how to play with stuffed animals! :p

    Just ran out of fails because he failed so hard today!

    yep those are all of the /fails i could think of

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  9. /win:
    ...is the envy of all the land!
    ...makes the server look good!
    ...just won minecraft!
    ...earned a notch!
    ...get's free e-cookies!
    ...is made of win!

    ...failed so hard it almost made us cry.
    ...brings shame to us.
    ...broke the fail scale.
    ...road the fail-boat.
    ...failed in epic proportions.
    ...makes pigs look smart!

    that's all for right now..
  10. /win...

    ...leveled up!
    ...wins, FOREVER!!!
    ...beat God.


    ...just, just, failed.
    ...used the failoscope.
    ...made babies cry, all of them.

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  11. Everdras Bit Shifter

    That third one is technically blasphemy. And you know what the punishment for that is...
  12. Nooooooooo!

    Please dont stone me to death!

    Ill change it to ...beat Notch
  13. /win ...... won twice, and it became two (cos won/one gettit^^)
    ...... won the nobel prize for winning
    ...... won a useless certificate!
    ...... won the wooden spoon
    ..... FTW!!

    /fail .... failed so hard they won
    .... thats a fail,thats a wierd minecraft typo fail, roll the next clip steven!
    .... failed harder than a hard fail

    some suggestions^^
  14. 09, the second fail was so funny!!!
    So, I was inspired to create one of my own...


    ...didn't win. And never will.
  15. FAIL
    ....just entered failception
    ....Failed so much fail is only the beginning of it
    ....lost to ahungryseal
    ....was crowned mayor of Fail ville
    .... Thailed so much you couldnt understand it
    You sir are no noob
    your the best

  16. ok i have a good /win
    ... for the win! wait who typed this? ... Just failed did you not see that!???
  17. Here's a fail

    .... Just failed so badly, they shot them self in the foot!
    .... Hit the middle of the earth atfailalstic spead!
    And a win

    .... Just rocket launched all the way to hevan.

  18. Fail

    ...is now entering failtastic trajectory!


    ...is now competing with Chuck Norris.
  19. Fail...

    .. tried to win by deceit, but BigBrother proved him wrong.

  20. Fail:

    ...Can't even think of a good fail.

    Or, my personal favorite:

    ...is worse than Gili at failing. (which should actually be a win because of double negatives. Look at it this way, if gili is bad at failing, then he isn't very good at it so he finds it difficult to do, and fails less as a result. So if someone is worse than gili at failing, then he's better at winning.)

    Or even better,

    ...nearly reached a standard of failure that would make Mcon look good, but failed that too.

    Edit: Oops, forgot this one:

    ...is good at falling. I mean, failing!