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You Fail but I Win

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Is worse than gili at failing should be a win right? Double negatives and all that.
  2. How many of these have been actually used?
  3. Lol, just to make it clear, i edited Mcon's post to annoy him. not to impersonate him in an overly malicious way.
  4. I'm glad you think so, Gili. But we really should be keeping this on topic, and as a senior mod, you shouldn't ramble on about topics not relevant to the conversation.

    But I still love you the way you are.
  5. That's cool, because I love you too! But only as a friend :( i'm so sorry.
  6. Well, that wasn't awkward...
  7. Win

    ...just beat Chuck Norris. Wow.
  8. (name) just failed so hard they took an arrow to the knee!
  9. (Name) just failed so hard, they used an "arrow to the knee" joke.

  10. I would suggest that, but that would be sarcastic and possibly aggressive, or too specific.
  11. /win...[name] is a boss.
    [name] is approved by rwj

    /fail.... [name] can haz fail
    [name] is not a professional russian
  12. /win

    Name is a professional Russian

  13. /fail

    - [Name] done goofed up
    - [Name] didn't realize it was a trap


    - [Name] For president! (or maybe [Name] for supreme leader!)
    - [Name] Gets a free kitten.
    - [Name] Gets a gold medal