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You guys have had your fun...

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by auhjos, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Ever since I came back people have been nudging me about being demoted and spamming exiled. Yes, I was wrong. Yes, I was stupid. Yes, I was demoted for my actions. I left this server so I could think about what I did. I was demoted as a punishment. End of? Full stop? Period? I think not.
    Now that I'm back I thought that people would be mature and restrain from saying much, if anything! Apparently not. People have been trying to take the mick by saying things such as:
    "Naughty Auhjos" "I'm better than you because you were demoted" "Super took your job! Ha! Hope he does better than you". Although it isn't much imagine this from almost everyone on the server all the time again and again and again... It's not fun. Yes may have been a joke but it's no longer funny and now it's just mean. Stop it. If this continues screen shots WILL be posted and then everyone can see for your self. How would you like it if YOU were demoted and/or banned. This isn't family friendly and this isn't funny. I was stupid for doing what I did but now I'm sorry. I have been punished. I have thought about what I did. Grow up and learn when to keep quiet. Again, if it continues screenshots and names will be posted. I don't care how old you are or what position you hold or whether or not you meant it.
    A wise man once said: "Life isn't about what you say; it's about what you don't say"
    You've had your fun so now shut up.
  2. It has really been annoying me when people say right in front of your face that I took your job, half the time I'm on too. Listen people, you need to stop, you know who you are.
  3. Just to put it out there, I don't care Super took my job. I don't even think he did! Rather, he's a good person and thus was promoted.
  4. Well I'm glad to see you back Auhjos, Don't let a few bad apples spoil it for you.
  5. Just outta curiousity who is saying this?
  6. I'm only disclosing the names of people if they do it again. If it stops, no names. If it continues then may Notch have mercy on their souls.
  7. I asked him the same question, got the same reply too.
  8. sigh... This behavior isn't wanted in this community and action will be taken. Just PM me the names with time/date of the events.