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Minecraft Server Rules - Historical

Applied By Pythros: Feb 21, 2013 at 5:07 PM

Minecraft Server Rules
By joining our server, you agree to these Minecraft Server Rules/Terms of Service.
Failure to adhere to these rules will result in jailing, kicking, muting, temp banning, permaban, and/or IP banning in no particular order.
Please note that this page can be updated with or with no announcement.

1. Server staff work hard and sacrifice their enjoyment of the game to make this a better playing environment. As such, it is imperative that you treat them with respect. If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power, please send a PM to Pythros DO NOT MAKE A THREAD OR CONTACT HIM IN-GAME ABOUT IT. All such posts will be deleted!

2. No hacking, cheating, glitching, exploiting. This includes, but is not limited to, speed/fly hacks, x-ray mods and textures, attempting to give yourself items through server commands, inventory hacking, or using a bug to your advantage such as duping items. Breaking this rule can often result in a ban.
3. You need to get your structures protected by a Moderator. It is not our responsibility if your unprotected stuff is damaged or stolen. Create a ticket via our in-game ticketing system by typing "/modreq I need my structure protected" while you are at your structure.
4. Racism, sexual jokes, immaturity, sexism, verbally attacking someone, profanity, name calling, etc., will not be tolerated. It is our goal to make this server a friendly environment. We are sure that most of you are aware of what constitutes a "bad word", but did you know that crap is a swear word in another country, for example? Should you be unaware of is not friendly, you can view a list of words that are considered inappropriate our server here so you don't get kicked or banned by our censor plugin.
5. No floating structures without approval from Head Moderators, Sever Managers, or Pythros. We are endeavoring to make this "world" as structurally realistic as possible.
6. No floating trees! Chop it down completely. See #5.
7. Be creative with your structures and make it something worth visiting and protecting. This means no plain, box dirt huts or 1x1 towers. If its purpose is not evident, it will be removed (with or without notification) to allow for better (and more aesthetically pleasing) use of the space. If you build a one-time-use "hidey hole", tear it down when you're done, please. See #9.
8. Although this is a PvP server, do not camp players' houses, spawn points, Stargates, and town entrances.
9. If we deem your structure needs to move or be remodeled (based on the zoning Rules of the area or to the extent of #7), you will have a week's notice before it will be removed. This notice would be sent either via in-game (either by mail or a message) or via the forum's mail system by a Head Mod or up.
10. DO NOT ask to become a staff member. We will pick you. If we are seeking for people to apply, we will indicate a way for you to do so.
11. An "establishment" is any organized structure, compound, area, or group of structures intended for habitation by three or more people for any duration of time where there is a single authority of the "establishment" and where it costs the tenants materials or money to live there. This also includes apartments and hotels for long stays. In order for such establishments to be allowed, you will need to apply for a permit at our Town Central forum. To view approved establishment types and their restrictions, please view the "Establishments: Towns vs. Others" thread.
12. Please don't make chat a less friendly place. This means no spamming, no excessive swearing and no excessive use of punctuation or CAPS.
13. Please help us keep our chat spam free. If you want to talk to one person, please use /msg <player> <msg>. Or if someone is within 100 blocks of you, please use Local chat by typing /l <msg> for a single message or type /ch l to set Local chat as your default. For trading goods (buy/sell), please use the Trade channel instead of the Global channel. You can use it by /trade <msg> or /ch trade to set it as your default channel. You can always type /g <msg> or /ch g to chat in the Global channel. If it is for one person, use /msg otherwise Global chat will be removed.
14. Farms that harvest themselves while you are offline or AFK are against the Rules. Please use pistons and redstone to make semi-automatic farms for use if you yourself are physically playing on the server.
15. It is one of our main interests to maintain server traffic. To do this we must ask that you do not advertise other servers on this server. If you want your server more popular, please advertise legit. In the same matter, please do not advertise this server on other servers.
16. Please do not ask the staff to teleport you to another player or to another location. If we wanted you to teleport around, we would have given you the rights to do so.