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Mar 14, 2013
  • To donate, go to the Donate tab at the top of this page. To ensure you receive the perks above, include your Minecraft username in the ImRaising comments, or in the ImRaising username field (which is labeled as "anonymous" you can leave this as is), OR forward your PayPal receipt to info[at]xp-e.net with your username.

    Please note that if you already donated previously, we will use you total donated amount for the tiers above. For example, if you donated $10 towards Xenforo previously and now donating $10 for the new server, you will be placed into the $20 tier.

    Unable to donate online but still want to help out?

    You can send snail mail to:

    c/o Josiah Fuller
    PO Box 176
    Ozark, MO, 65721

    You can always help out by using any of the following links as they will gain a little amount per visit via AdF.ly:

    The Forums: http://frm.xp-e.net
    The Wiki: http://kb.xp-e.net
    The Server Map: http://map.xp-e.net
    Plugins and Commands: http://cmds.xp-e.net
    Where to Vote for Us: http://vote.xp-e.net
    Our Twitter Page: http://twitter.xp-e.net
    Our Facebook Page: http://facebook.xp-e.net
    Our Steam Group: http://steam.xp-e.net
    Our YouTube Channel: http://youtube.xp-e.net

    Each click on the "Skip Ad" gives us the average small amount of $0.00234. We only get a payout if our balance reaches $4.00 USD or more. We have already received the first payout in June of 2012 and not quite half way to get our next payout. Note, that you can only do this 5 times a day per household (IP Address).


    Please keep in mind that as a donor, for this project or possible future donation options, this does not give you say of what happens in the community, changes to the server, plugins to add, etc, nor will it give you immunity of being jailed, muted, kicked, or banned when not following our Rules. You maybe rewarded with some features, but nothing is guaranteed as you are not giving money for something to gain in return.
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