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Forum Rules

Jan 22, 2014
Forum Rules
  • Please note that this page can be updated with or with no announcement.

    1. Server staff work hard and sacrifice their enjoyment of the game to make this a better playing environment. As such, it is imperative that you treat them with respect. If you feel like a staff member is abusing their power, please send a PM to Pythros - DO NOT MAKE A THREAD OR CONTACT HIM IN-GAME ABOUT IT. All such posts will be deleted!
    2. Be courteous and respectful of other members on the forums.
    3. Attempt to adhere to the grammar and spelling conventions of the English language.
    4. Spammers will be banned.
    5. Do not post, or link to any vulgar material.
    6. No images containing partial clothed people.
    7. Racism, sexual jokes, immaturity, sexism, verbally attacking someone, profanity, etc., will not be tolerated. It is our goal to make this server a friendly environment. We are sure that most of you are aware of what constitutes a "bad word", but did you know that crap is a swear word in another country, for example? So you don't get in trouble, you can view a list of words that are considered inappropriate here.
    8. Respect the staff.
    9. DO NOT ask to become a staff member. If we are seeking for people to apply, we will indicate a way for you to do so.
    10. It is one of our main interests to maintain server traffic. To do this we must ask that you do not advertise other servers on this server. If you want your server more popular, please advertise legit. In the same matter, please do not advertise this server on other servers.
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